Bromide PVP [US/LA] 1/4 Crafting|Door Sharing|Kit|Sleepers|more

** Trailer made by a server regular: **

** Bromide PVP |**

Hey guys. We’re a relatively new rust server (been up for a couple days) looking to expand our community. It shouldn’t be very hard to establish your presence considering there aren’t tons of bases and geared players on the server quite yet.

The server is primarily focused on preserving the vanilla experience with a focus on PVP and faster-paced gameplay. For this reason, we’ve reduced crafting times and added a starter kit to speed up the gameplay. We’ve also added door sharing for your convenience.

Come check us out! The server is based in Los Angeles, US. Here are some features at a glance:

  • 1/4 crafting times
  • Door sharing
  • Starter kit
  • Sleepers
  • Airdrops @ 10 players minimum

Some commands:
/history – chat history
/help – in-game command list
**/pm “playername” “message” ** – sends a private message to a player
/who – player count
/kit starter – starter kit
/share “playername” – share all door permissions with player
/unshare “playername” – revoke all door permissions with player

**& more ** – use /help to see!


To join, filter for “Bromide” in the server list or open up the console (F1) and paste:

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