Brosideons MK vs DCU Ports Need to be Rigged and such....

[release] These are the ported MK vs DCU files, but only the MK charatcers. If you would like to rig them and whatever, Download [/release]

Fuck yes.

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This will be done in days, i can feel it.

While I support this, these are not my models. I FOUND them, and POSTED the link to them. I deserve no credit.

Ah, I thought they were yours. Fixed.

So is anyone getting this done?

I tried to download the 3D Models just to check what’s there. I’m having problems downloading it, even on my Mediafire account.

Access to the webpage was denied.

You are not authorized to access the webpage at You may need to log in
Could you use something like Putfile so I can check the models out?

Try here.

The link in the link works. Thanks.

so anyone done these all the other mk characters were fails (no offense)

The only MK characters I’ve seen on Garry’s Mod are Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Sonya.

s-low rigged some of the DC characters as well, but they are somewhat stiff, so it is hard to use them. They also lack face posing.

You Forgot Riden and Kitana

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ported by Roland

I never saw these models. Link?

Those are MIA. I’ve searched high and low, and no luck.

Couldn’t find Kitana or Raiden, but I did find this Mileena model.

Wait, what!?

Oh my…

It’s actually a skin modification of the Kitana Model made to look like a next-generation Mileena.

Original Kitana skin

Raiden model

Thank you sososososososososo much!!!