Broski's Release Thread

Here, I will post all of my models.
Pokemon Trainer’s

Angry Video Game Nerd:

Jaden Yuki:

Enjoy. :dance:

I…honestly have no idea who either of those are.

I can see that you’ve used high quality textures for the first one.

Verly good sir. Verly.

Well played. :smiley:

Ah just realized the release isn’t the controller but the ragdoll…I’m slightly disappointed.

The first one is awful, all the textures are really low quality, his “shirt” isn’t even a shirt and he looks like nothing like the AVGN. The second one is an anime model, which always looks awful in source so there’s not much to say about that.

Not as awful as this, right?

I kid. :v:

Max Payne is awesome.

heh, he’s making a model out of that.
both of them are awful. the models.

why did you bother releasing this OP?

With AVGN, the power glove is low quality i know, but i didn’t rip the texture, but it isn’t horrible, plus it’s only my second skin, I do appreciate your feedback though, i’ll try to improve textures.

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Little harsh? There my first models. (But Jaden is crap, i know)

You should make an AVGN without the gloves. Please.

Psst, it’s male_07 with kleiner glasses, not an actual model of avgn.

Released Pokemon Trainer’s :DD

I’m sorry.
i didn’t mean to be too harsh.

but yeah, you know why.

I thought we need Pokemon trainer models as well cause we got pokemon ragdolls.
only pokemon ragdolls? that’s dickhead.