Brother Hood of Steel Standing in a Destroyed City

A picture I made out of bordem.


This is my first and last attempt at posing these ragdolls. :stuck_out_tongue:

looks REALLY good except for the weapon looks like it’s the center of the picture because the texture is different from the BoS guy.

I was going to use a Fallout 3 weapon, but I couldn’t be arsed to download a pack for one weapon.

Looks like a real fallout 3 picture.

Very well-constructed scenebuild.

Wow man, that’s pretty fuckin’ cool.

And good, just that the FO3 rifle woulda matched better.

The G3 doesn’t really fit.

Kinda dose but only thing about the g3 model that doesn’t fit is its doesn’t have wooden parts
I mean in fo3 assault rifle nearly looked like a g3

I don’t really mind the choice of gun you used; the scene looks just like Fallout, Great job!

Looks good to me. A very nice Fallout look.

Damn good scene build.

Good scenebuild but the picture is too blurry. It’s a shame really because the build is very good.

The scenebuild is great, but you should make the pose itself a bit different.

Maybe have the brotherhood guy more to the left and smaller.

I concur with everything said before.
Except that Paladins and Knights use energy weapons and big guns.

But the description shouldn’t be “Brother Hood of Steel”, it’s “Brotherhood of Steel” and that’s the organization.
What you’ve got here is a “Brotherhood Of Steel Paladin/Knight”.

I don’t think technicalities of a fictional group should function into your rating of a picture.

Regardless, I’ve seen Brotherhood guys using assault rifles before.