Brother on account

So I went to work came back home my brother was on pc ( No issues there ) Then i see he on my account, playing rust, using hacks. ( I left my pc on ). I went fucking berserk as Ive never hacked on my account he uses them on his but this time he used them on my account. I nearly beat the living out of him, but now im worried ill get vac banned is there anything i can do. I really enjoy rust and dont want to banned from it :confused: If worse comes to worse is the ban just for rust ?

Nothing you can do; if you were flagged, you will be banned. It only applies to Rust.

In this case, the ban would be just rust, IF you are banned. If you left your computer open, and your “brother” used hacks on rust for your account, you deserve getting a VAC.

And now we’ve come to “my brother did it.” Hah.

Sharing accounts is not a valid excuse. You are responsible for things that happen on your account, so whether or not your brother was responsible for hacks - and let’s be honest, he wasn’t - you’re going to get banned, and it will be completely fair and just. Sorry!

Yes but i was at work. :confused:


(ignore the really bad resolution, this is a clean install of 7, still downloading shit :v:) And yes, 2009, I know, but still, there’s no way that isn’t yours.


Stop hitting yourself

your funny arnt you, you fucking idiot.

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relax, if you are indeed telling the truth, you’ll just have to wait and see. Coming here worried isnt going to do you much good.

Well at least this case closed itself, fellas. Good work, everyone. Take the rest of the day off.

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The amount of posts u have clearly indicates to me you dont have a life beyond a computer. Gj really.

And YOUR post count says “I am a dirty fucking cheater who only joined to dispute my ‘unfair ban’”

God your so unhelpful cant believe the sad fuckers on this website.

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