"Brother Servius reporting. Xeno precense eradicated in His name. Purging the remains." Terminators slaughtered some tyranids

They shall know no fear etc

Thread music link because someone broke the media tags:


A less desaturated version:




Someone’s gonna wish there would be dead ponies instead of Nids. Not this time, people, not this time…

It’s the first time I’ve visited this part and bloody hell I’m impressed with this work! Nice job.

The subtle lighting on them is brilliant, but the bright muzzle flash brings the eye to a meaningless corner of the picture. Other than that it’s fantastic.

Perhaps the rain could have been better, now that I think about it. Splashes on the armor and a slight misty look. But whatever.

More big guys standing in a triangle!

Nice editing jooazzzzyyyyyyy

The lighting and atmosphere in this pic is awesome.
Have wood. Now.

Nice posing, the rain effects and the effects on the heavy flamer are awesome, good job.

Quite simply awesome.

Holy fucking shit Joazzz. How do you do it.

Nice rain and rimlighting.

Is there some kind of tutorial for making rain effects?

There’s the usual and easily found “Motion blur some noise on a new layer”, but it takes a little more than that to make it look good.

P lmae.

I came in this thread hoping to see more Pony slaughtering moment from Joazz

But it turned out even better

Holy fuck

you can always imagine that they killed ponies
anyway, good work, joazz, it looks puuuuurdy

Super Shadow.


Uhm, he posted a similar thing in a few threads. It’s always two words. Spam? Troll?
I have no idea.

So, Ignore him, I guess?

Looks amazing, what did you use to get it like that?

What do you mean exactly?