Brotherhood 17 is cancelled

This is the theared of the trailer

This project is deleted, simply because the voice actors haven’t the time to help me, and I can’t find other voice actors. I admit, the first difficulty of making a machinima is to find people who can collaborate.

And, also if I found other actors I’ll have to explain them all in english…I’m Italian and I can’t write english very well. (wolfo and the other actors that I found were all italians, wolfo was also the “translator” from italian to english)

Maybe my second non-test-gmod video will be a remake of a music video, something that don’t requires voices…because trying to make the entire brotherhood 17 mute with subtitles would be ridiculous.

ps: Sorry for the icon of the theared, I don’t know what icon I have to put for this theared.


Now it isn’t cancelled :smiley:

I’ll do a few voice lines if you need. My voice dropped, but I don’t sound like I’m 50 or anything… I am good with expression as well.