Brotherhood of Nod Kane Model

I would love to have a Kane model/ragdoll to use for machinima creation or make videos of Kane destroying EA using nuclear missiles in Gmod for ruining the story of the tiberium universe. So if anyone would do this I would be most grateful.

One Vision
One Purpose
The Technology of Peace

Peace through power?
Actually I’m pretty sure there’s one out there, but it’s a basic Citizen reskin.

Any certain location of the skin?

Unfortunately I only know that it WAS on
Dunno what happened to it from there.

I support this request, as I would absolutely love to see a Kane model, preferably with a trenchcoat like that or this.

If one doesn’t already exist, I would love to see one made. :3

As long as I get to shout “KANE LIIIIVVEESSS” when it gets released. THEN I’ll be happy.