Brotherhood Patrol

I think this is some of my best lighting thus far. I hope you like it!

walking dude could really use some more weight to his pose, he looks like he’s casually jogging around despite wearing power armor and carrying a gatling laser

I have to disagree with it being your best lighting, I think the lighting in this one was more pronounced

I get the weather conditions (sky and atmosphere and climate) legitimize the softness and flatness of the light, but it even still lacks the shadows that you see in real life (they are always there, just harder to point out), I’m mainly addressing the absent shadow under the car, for instance (it should be near black just below it)

also agree with Joazzz on the posing, scenebuild itself is good

Looks more weighted than it did in Fallout 3, though :v:

anything looks more weighted than the Fallout 3 power cardboard