Brotherhood - Trailer - WW2 Movie

This is my first trailer and going to be my first series.

looks like not much effort has been put into this.
just alot of npcs put into a dod map, with band of brothers music and an unoriginal name.

We all have to start some where.

yeah, your right.
but dont make a series right away.

An M1A1 in World War II, eh?


No rubbish in-game filters.
Work a bit on your posing.
You still have the TF2 blood glitch? I wish I did.
Also, don’t try to imitate shaking yourself, let the editor worry about that.

Overall, great for your first try. And don’t try to make a series right away, focus on the smaller things.
Hope this helped.

Thanks for the positive feedback.


no need to use rebels. :slight_smile:

Cheers mate

Well you tried, but all in all this is nothing more then some random action scenes and poses.

I’d rather try and get positive feedback so I can improve in the future.

why is the american using a kar98. Should be using springfield if he is a sniper or M1 garand

Philadelphia Experiment 2

The dod guns are positioned at the players crotch.