Brothers for Life, Lost Forever. [GTA TLAD Ragdoll request]

It’s being a while since the first GTA IV expansion pack was released, and that was GTA The Lost and Damned, the models/textures are much better than the ones in TBOGT, but they aren’t getting the attention they need. I was thinking if someone would head back into that amazing Biker GTA game and port some biker models. Either from the m_y_gangels line (Angels of Death MC), m_y_lostbuddy line (The Lost members during a gangwar, also including an awesome balaclava ped), the m_y_glost line (The Lost MC peds ingame), and the m_y_gryders line (Uptown Ryders).

TLAD Lost member:

Vanilla GTA IV Lost member:

That’s how much improved the models/textures are.

Le bump? I wish these models were ported :C