Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

First up is Garnett. Second will be Allen.

Third will be Leggett.

Boom headshot

If you port these, they are going to be the most hi-res ww2 models in gmod.

Leggett is here.


**Note: Allen is done, I was just too lazy to render him.**

They need their helmets.

Should need some of the Germans as well…

We can’t only toy around with allied soldiers.

Dammit Bloo. You have too damn many projects. But I HAVE BEEN WANTING THESE GUYS!!! Just NOW WE NEED MIKE DAWSON and Matt Baker. Good job!

Wow this is so awesome. I heard these were being done a while back, I thought the project had died though.

Great to see these are on the way; the textures are amazing.


Why have they all got black eyes/eye-liner?

The original models have Eyelashes and he doesn’t have material on them.

Bloo, as nice as this is, you HAVE to finish your other projects.
Halo marines are one I know right off the back.

Oh man, I was actually thinking of requesting a few of these to S-LoW, but you’re already there.

You definitely need to get that kid and his dad into Source, we don’t have enough WW2-era civilians.

The Dads name is Nicolaus/Nikolaus or something like that. I remember when Baker tries to calm down the boy.

We also need that young Woman/girl. Also if there is separate other Citizen models. Them too.

And i remember i have seen Brits in BiA HH

Yeah this was in my head.

Your head is going to explode sooner or later bloo.

Still, they’re pretty cool and you have my download once they’re done,if they will be :saddowns:

Edit: fff typos

The French kid, or Baker as a child?
PS: Baker’s Dad model was actually the French kid’s dad :v:

The French (even though I don’t think he was French) kid.

Since the game took place during Operation Market Garden, which was in Holland. The Kid and his father were dutch resistance fighters.(Unless they were french resistance fighters aiding the Dutch Resistance)

Are you going to do the german soldiers?

Garnett with helmet is done, along with a shitload of Colt pistol models, and the helmet itself.


I love you. I actually think I’ve become sexually attracted to you because of this.

<3. Orgasmic. You get civies I’ll love you long time :3

Tents. Lots of tents.

… dear god. Sexually attracted?? D:

Now I see why the COD models isn’t out.

Port vehicles too!