Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood

Hey I was wondering if someone could port the models from Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood to Garry’s Mod. I know their have been Hell’s Highway models, but their just not the same. What I am requesting is alot but I hope someone will go through with it, it shouldn’t be too hard seeming it uses the Unreal engine.

Here is what I am asking for:
First Sergeant Greg “Mac” Hassay
Staff Sergeant Matthew Baker
Cpl. Corrion
Pfc. Courtland
Pfc. Leggett
Pvt. McCreary
Pvt. Desola
Pvt. Rivas
Cpl. Hartsock
Pfc. Obrieski
Pfc. Zanovich
(Of course these two) Pvt. Allen & Pvt. Garnett
Pvt. Muzza - Was never seen in combat, he died before he could jump out of the plane from shrapnel, if it is possible to get him, I would like that but if not just forget him.
Cpl. Campbell
Pfc. Marsh
Pfc. Paige
Cpl. Paddock
Pfc. Winchell
Pvt. McConnell
Pfc. Roselli
Lt. Col. Robert F. “Bob” Sink - If possible
Lt. Col. Robert G. Cole
Sergeant George Risner - Tank Commander

What I am asking for is ALOT but would be greatly appreciated, and probably isn’t too hard, some of these models have already been ported so don’t worry about them. Whoever does this will, it will be greatly appreciated beyond belief.

Oh man this is somthing I’ve wanted for a loooong time, pretty much since release :slight_smile:

Fuck yes… You have my support I liked these models more than the Hells Highway ones… they just looks more realistic gear wise… dunno… still you have my full support! someone make this happen!.

BiA: Hell’s Highway has better quality models. They are somewhere on the facepunch.

yeah, liked these models better than HH ones… :stuck_out_tongue:

and the stories were better

The first brothers in arms games had such a realistic feel, the grey/dark green scenes with a light rain. It really felt like Normandy!

I’ve read that this game is unreal Engine 2 therefore would not be difficult to obtain models.

if someone could post the file formats We can go further :wink:

BiA: Road to Hill 30, Earned in Blood, Hell’s Higway - models are the same but textures are another :slight_smile:

I would say in terms of polygon the models are not the same

Well, First BiA’s were released in 2005, an HH was released in 2008, on the newest version of UE3, so you can truly feel the difference.

God I hated fucking defending Carentan in Hill 30

Jesus, I love Facepunch. :smiley:

I remember when I was about in First Grade, me and my friends would re-enact parts from Brothers in Arms: RTH 30. God I loved it, and I would always be Baker, and we used a little opening on the Playground, something like a porthole, but bigger, and that would be the door to the C47. It started out with me, and my 3 best friends and then 10 more kids joined us, and we acted like it was the real military. Haha, those were great times. So if anyone could do this, like I said, I would appreciate this beyond belief.

the models are in format .ExtendedSkeletalMesh apparently no way to import.

I already discovered an alternative way (haha!) without bones :-/

This will take time but it is safe

You, Sir, are my favorite Chilean. (Because I know no other Chileans)


here are the brother in arms road to hill 30 models.
the 14 main characters and the germans

Someone’s gotta rig these.



Just got done playing it again, and I realizd almost every German has the same face. Weird. Thanks Luxox for doing what you do best, now we just need to find someone to rig these, and we will all be hunky dory.

luxox your my hero of the day!