Brothers in Arms RTH30

Hi, can someone rig these? They’re the models from BiA RTH30, I mainly need the Airborne models, but the Germans would be nice aswell.

NOTE: Once again, I didn’t get these models. Thanks to Luxox_18!! :smiley:

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anyone? :C

Thanks for the link, but I already got that a while ago. I need the Character Models!

Oh, and BTW I already have the models from HH

the airborn models from medal of honer are more detailed

Yea I know… But for some reason I prefer these ones, cuz I know the characters, but thanks anyway.

BTW, which MoH are they from? Airborne?

I have rigged the equipment as loose props, but I’m not good enought to rig ragdolls. So IF anyone would make thease as ragdolls, please make a bodygroup without any equipment, just the uniform(and helmet).


The medal of honor ones look so… weird. The best looking and most geuine US WW2 paratroopers are the ones in Brothers in Arms RtH30-EiB and CoD1. Plus in MoH theres only about 2 diferen’t equipment types, thompson or garand; like if BAR magazines fitted in garand ammo pouches.

Yeah, I noticed that. Also, I swear all of their insignias are sergeants.

BiA and CoD1 - The two best WWII games I’ve ever played.

Oh, BTW, will you be releasing the equipment? :smiley: And also by that, do you mean weapons, or just small things like I dunno…

…boxes? :expressionless:

I have ripped 90% of all the gear/equipment from the american BiA:RtH30 paratroopers. This is things like ammo puches, backpacks, canteens, shovels. No weapons or helmets. The reason why is because I think players should be able to customize their own characters when doing stuff like posing and such. And also because barly anyone have done it before.
I will release the props together with gear/quipment props from other models and games.

k, thanks alot :smiley: