Brothers Lost

you really should’ve posed the right hand of morpho(s)

His shoulders seem too elevated, when a person’s on his knees mourning, you would usually have the shoulders fall down to the ground.

I would’ve straightened up their posture as well, really get their chest out

how the fuck can you tell what angle their chests are on by the angle?

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i can assure you most of them had pushed out chests.

also why pose morpho’s hand he’s saluting.

I didn’t want the dislocated shoulders look so many of you people that try to convey emotion in poses have going.

you cunts didn’t even come up with the most legitimate criticism what is i posed the saluting arm too inwards into the forehead.

or that the way they’re saluting with their right arms, when it should be the left. but I kinda wanted that to be like a “ooooohhhh boss u got me killed im going to salute you disrespectfully” kind of thing, I don’t know what a right arm salute symbolises other than it’s not right

i dont know they just look slouchy, and why not pose morphos hand you did all the others

I don’t know I didn’t really see the need to it’s really only a issue people who’ve actually played around with the model and know the models hand t-pose have.

did you know you can pose t posed fingers pretty easily

did you know it doesn’t look that un-natural.

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It escalated quickly.

Really good pose.

Nice work on this! Awesome stuff!