Brought Garry's Mod Today for 24.95$ :)

Hello guys i think gmod is so aweosme so i brought this game :slight_smile:

so will be here with this section :slight_smile:

it was Garry’s Mod +TF2.


You sir, were overcharged.

Oh sorry,i brought it for $24.99 USD :stuck_out_tongue:

Css/tf2 + gmod pack

He must’ve bought it with TF2/CS:S. Because otherwise he has payed far too much.

I’m gonna bring gmod one day.

No I just Brought with Garry’s Mod + TF2.

That was pretty stupid. You should have got CSS instead. Most of your models will be… Nothing.

Team Fortress 2 content is pretty rare on Garry’s Mod. Unless you bought it for the gameplay, which would still be stupid, because buying The Orange Box would probably be cheaper.

I like bringing garrysmod around. I sometimes bring it to the store for 20.00€. Bringing it to your house is fun too.

You could’ve gotten the entire orange box for those $15 extra but ok.