Avant-garde at it’s best.

Not even close.

I guess some people don’t understand art.

Art takes skill and vision, something that video lacked.

more like something you don’t understand

Please tell me that your joking.

Begin to take critism or get the fuck out

I’m unsure to what “critism”, could you explain?

Drunkard, you’re not even close to Lynch or Kubrick level you think that you’re on, in fact, you’re basically on the minge/Ed Wood level. I don’t go around calling my movies an intellectual dose of brilliance, I just let the movie speak for itself, you fail at doing that. If you don’t know how to take criticism (as with that bathroom picture thread, and this), you’re gonna go nowhere. Acceptance- learn it.

I’m not close to Lynch or Kurbick, but I do consider myself to be a modern day Scorsesse. I just wish I can get top notch actors like Danny Devito (goodfellas, casino), but they told me that they were slightly above video game movies.

I loled. Since when in the cellulite hell was Danny Devito in either of those movies? Don’t tell me you mistakenly took him for Joe Pesci…

You’re wrong on so many levels.

Now I know you’re just a troll. I’m gonna be frank now, you’re an 05er who is still making videos that look like they were made at a beginner level. Shit is still shit, no matter what shape it’s in. Also stop rating yourself.

Explain this film then.

Frank, like Frank Reynolds from always sunny in philedelphia. played by joe pesci


No. You’re an adult, I don’t need to explain movies to you.

This confuses me,

This is poo.