Browse menu breaks sometimes

…And it especially breaks when using PAC. (GMOD hatmaker, not PAC steam)

Well, the problem is this:

Sometimes, when I try to expand a folder in the Q menu-browse tab, it doesn’t work. The icon changes from a plus to a minus (or an L), but no folders are shown. This is especially a frustration with hat maker, because then I can only use the props directly in the root of a folder.

How do I fix this?


What is PAC? Pac steam? If so, get out, we don’t help pirates here.

No, not PAC steam. It stands for “Player appearance customizer”, and it allows you to put props on you which stick so you can put a headcrab on your head ETC. The other used name is “Hat maker”.

Old svn revision here:

SVN url:


Another bump, still looking for help.

No need to be so judgmental. You didn’t even read his post completely -.-

Anyhow, I have the same problem; obviously it isn’t just with hatmaker. I’m thinking it has to do with something like map settings, or perhaps you just need to hold the Q menu up and let all of the browse folders load respectively.

But, I honestly don’t know for sure, my PAC isn’t even working as of now, hopefully it’s just the server I play on.

For me, I need to click it 2 times, and then it takes about 5 sec to load it.