Browser settings? - Complete data reloads after relog


Every time I launch the game it will load all data as if it never had run before. This happens regardless of the browser I use (Opera / Firefox / IE). I asked ingame and people told me that this behavior isn’t normal. The game runs without problems but it is kind of annoying to wait 5 minutes after re-logging to reload all data.

My settings: I added to my “trustworthy sites”, allowed cookie usage, plugins, pop ups and activated JavaScript. (Of course I have a key and I played the game today without problems.)

I did look into the rust wiki and tried to find a thread regarding my problem in the facepunch forum but I did not find anything. How and what do I have to change? I would appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance.

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Nevermind. After having 2 people fly into my base im already done. Waiting till cheater get thrown out…