Browser stop responding

Browser stop responding like every 2 seconds when i get into combat, i just lost my ENTIRE loot run stash and im pist… My friend seem to have the same issue and i didn’t have it until now.

Go into fullscreen.

I was

Weird, I’ve had no issues as long as I was in fullscreen. Just making sure, are you fullscreen by clicking the bottom left thingy, or the bottom right?

Same as wiken, I’m getting the same shit.

Same here. Using firefox.

Same here, using Chrome, Firefox etc… crash always and always and always . . . .

Relevant bug report.

For me it is stable at 1,5 million kB, then after a couple of minutes it increases and when it reaches 4 million kB it crashes. Memory leakage?

im his friend and yes its a memory leak worst in IE then firefox best in chrome… and best means 2-4 min of gameplay until it overloads