Browser sub-directories not opening

This is getting really infuriating.

Basically when you go into the browser menu (the one with all the files) and press the “+” button next to “all” it opens all of the model-containing files in your gmod folder.

Now there are files within those files that contain models as well.

Normally a “+” button appears next to aforementioned folders to allow you to access the actual model containing files.

These seem to only want to appear when they feel like it, leaving almost half my collection of models unreachable.

This is upsetting to say the least.

Now will someone please help me find a workaround/solution? I have posted a similar thread before but that was completely pointless as everyone here is only interested in their own problems.


I am so close to raging right now. Stop me before I do something stupid.

Dear god help and support my backside!

An entire day and not a single reply.

Do you have over nine thousand addons? Remove some.

Maybe. I like my addons. :frowning:

Cheers, will try.

All right, I’m not usually one to bump, but I’m having this problem too and it’s making it nearly impossible to do anything right now. If anyone can help/give advice, please do.