Browsing folders for models

Im a bit of a noob with gmod but im good with IT and something about it stumps me.

On the spawn selection screens you get thumbnails for all the basic spawns like crates, clocks, ragdolls for characters etc and on the ‘Browse’ tab you can click on the folder for each individual valve game you own for specific game content. I’ve found going into the subfolders really interesting as it has alot cool things in there that arent on the basic list of spawns/npcs.

However, the problem im having is that Gmod only seems to let me into the subfolders of 1 or 2 of my games for each session of Gmod i launch. When i try to browse others there’s no drop down of subfolders and the + icon changes to an L

If anyones knows why this is or if there is a way around it id appreciate it.

If you go to “Gmod Settings” on the main menu/pause menu, you can specify which game content is used(so long as you own the game).

And if the icon changes, I’d assume that there is nothing in the folder to display.

when i try to save something to a folder after browsing, i go back later after i get off gmod and it’s not there. is there a way to save something to a spawn folder?

P.S. This is not guacamole 85.

You’d have to edit the spawn lists. Google it.

If you “add to category” from the Browse tab, you have to go back to the tab with the spawnlists and hit the “save” button - it’s on the left between the spawnlists and the spawn icons.