Retextured Hudson. Because the texture form of zombie is still using WAW form so I just properly pasted the zombie face onto the Hudson’s.
Little fixed body and re-located hands and arms textures-same situation like face.
I think releasing zombie ragdolls will be faster than what I did.
And when I changed eye texture, it showed me purple-white marbles. Damn, I hate it!
Well… I tried to let his eyes shine with photoshop, but poor photoshop ability ruined it.

why are you from america?
you are korean, obviously

Ok skin, stretched textures.

Bad screenshot.

Since the main point of the whole picture is apparently in showing off the skin and you’re talking about the skinning process, I assumed it would be more suitable to post stuff like this to the models and skins section.

Thanks for the informations. O’right then… do you know how should I do to move this thread to the models and skins section?