"Brudda!" Brothers meet again.


:’( sad

Could you stop leaning on me? Your pushing the knife further into my sternum


Coff coff… Kiss me.

Ok now the blood is a bit to bright.

If it wasn’t for the blood and knife it would look like a gay porn scene.

I was expecting a screenshot of 2 black people, seeing as it’s titled “Brudda!”

Oh well.


Looks like tom hanks.


This is the movie, right?

Saving Private Ryan.

When did Nazi’s become Vietcongs :confused:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who rated this scene optimistic.

I’m kidding, but I’ve never seen Saving Private Ryan. I best brace myself for incoming flames.
As for the pose, nice job, I like it.

How would you even end up having a brother in Germany if you were an American at that time?

Then again, maybe the dad went for vacation in Amsterdam, and you know how things are over there.

But then that raises the question, how would they even know each other?

That’s not my knife :smug:

the bloods a little flat.