Brush count viewer?

Is there any way to list the current count of brushes you have in your map (including func_details, and any other brush based entities), and have them listed as the actual brush amount instead of the amount of faces or solids you have in the map?

Map > Show information

As I said I’m looking for a way to display the exact amount of brushes, not how many solids or faces you have in a map. The Show Information window only shows Solids, Faces, PointEntities, SolidEntities, and textures.

I believe Solids are brushes no?

Yeah, would be Solids.

Ah my bad then. I still don’t know every name and what they go for in Hammer. Thanks.

I do it by compiling my map and then looking at the budgets.

Yeah, in the compile log like Sirrus said.

Compile log, didn’t know about the show information, that’s handy.
Also, no dumb ratings? Surely a miracle.

Since you asked for it.