Brush Module?

Hello, I’ll take this quick. Is it possible to get the vertex positions of world brushes? I’m pretty sure this won’t be possible without some kinda module, since all brushes is worldspawn. But is there any released module out there, or would someone be able to make one?


And how, would I be able to find a specific brush entity?

Lurked abit with this, and I found out how to find all the brushes of the map, but the problem exists of finding the brush I am, for example, looking at.

You can do some manual ray triangle intersection to find which one you’re looking at.

Uh… Ain’t there any easier way? I googled it and this seems like rocket science… :frowning:

There aren’t really any “brushes” after the map has been compiled, only one big mesh that is the map so the closest you’ll get is finding which convex of the mesh you’re looking at through intersecting each triangle with your aim ray.
There be no shortcut.

Guess my idea aint working practically then.
The idea was to find all brushfaces of the map who can see the sky, then create a layer of snow on it. This could probably work with some fiddling on maps like flatgrass, but it won’t work on large maps. Checking every brush, every triangle on them, is just. No.

Thanks for the help anyway.