Brush that toggles appearance?

Hello, Im working on an map and im trying to figure out how i can make a Series of Grouped Brushes disappear/appear by toggling a button. I need the brushes to stand still so i cant tie them to a physbox, but i dont know any other way to make them toggle appearance. Does anyone have any suggestions?

make the brushes a func_brush
Use a point_template for spawning them
Use the “kill” output towards the brushes to remove them

thanks, i didnt know you could do that with brushes.

Rated Friendly :smiley:

Or, you could use func_wall_toggle’s (or something like that) Toggle-input.

OR, you could still use func_brush and use the toggle function…

That doesnt toggle the wall, it removes it forever.
Use Chili Banans advice.

If you read what he wrote, then you would see that he has a point_template to respawn them.

Chili’s way is better, less advanced.

Advanced isn’t always better :3:

Thanks, ill probably Try Chili’s way first.