Brushed aluminum wall sconce

If anyone is capable and willing to create the model shown below, I would be so grateful.

I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything like this game-ready, even on sites like cgtrader. I need a wall sconce like this for a map I’m creating, if someone by a far-off chance makes a model of that wall-sconce for any reason it would be really appreciated and you would get your own little plaque of credit on the map. Its the only thing I’m really able to offer at the moment

I started modeling a few days ago and i would probably be able to make that, except that i’m not home right now. It’s just a bunch of boxes with textures on them.

or I could just use propper, Its been way too long since I used hammer. Completely forgot about that option.

Hey Lamar, Dalia from CGTrader here. I just wanted to let you know that we are introducing jobs / requests feature at CGTrader in the few coming days. I will let you know when the feature is live - so hopefully you will find someone to help you with this task! :slight_smile: