Brushes Changing When Loading a Saved Game

So I’m making a circular room with walls that expand outward at the top, everything works fine and looks good, until I save and re-open the map.
Upon re-opining the walls are all in different positions on the grid and non of them are aligned. I take time to carefully place EVERY vert on grid in the same spot so everything is lined up.
This is what happens when I open the map:

After this I take more time to re-align every single vert so it is on grid with the lower walls(selected in image one) that are not effected by the problem.
At this point it looks good like I want it :

Everything is fine now right? well as part of a failed attempt to fix everything I grouped the walls together and copied them (and the roof) and placed it off to the right of the original. (This next image is what everything should look like)

I then took the original brushes and made them one big Func_detail to (hopefully) make source think it is all one object. I then saved and closed the map, and re-opened it and guess what:

The SAME thing happens again. All the brushes in this group are unaligned and not as I want them.
here is a fifth and final image that is close to image 3 so you can see the changes

So, can anyone tell me why this is happening ? P.s. I did not compile the map the whole time here, not at all, only saving the vmf and opining it was done. Thanks.

They were invalid the first time you made them. When Hammer loads the VMF it automatically fixes them, though “fixing” means it makes them different then before. (Also you should have asked in a question thread, you didn’t need to make one.)

It means they are invalid shapes

Damn ninja

they are all simple cubes with the vertices moved , how in the world are they invalid ?

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Ok so I just rebuilt the ENTIRE structure from individual cubes and I’m getting the same exact problem.

Try triangulating them. (split vertices.) Umm You need to do it in a way that it is NOT concave, so I’m not sure what direction they should go… EG top left to bottom right.

You have to clip them so that the angled faces become triangles

like this

Thats what I just said, in a more clear way. :3

how is this clear in any way

I’m not sure if this is even possible to explain accurately with just words, which is why I included a picture of what I am talking about.

I meant yours was clearer than mine. Sorry about my grammar.

Pictures are better than words.
Makes sense but I get this problem myself with cylinders. I don’t manipulate them whatsoever.
Only way I can fix that is by changing the number of faces unless you have any ideas.

I’ve never had that happen to me but I guess you could propper the cylinder