Brushes/Structures turn black.

For my own use only, I decompiled bigcity (NOT my own map. Created by Bigwig) and added a little airport.
Whenever I compile the map and run it, everything is fine except for the area surrounding the airport where the brushes turn black.
It appears to be some sort of a lighting issue because certain angles show the textures fine.

Here is an angle where it appears the way it should:[/T]

And here’s the issue I am experiencing:

I haven’t used hammer in quite a while. There aren’t any leaks to my knowledge and the area is inside a viscluster I made separate from all the main one.
I’m probably making a stupid error, forgive me :v:

As usual, all help is greatly appreciated.

What happens when you remove THAT vis cluster?

is the material vertexlitgeneric? If it’s a brush, it should be lightmappedgeneric. This looks like an incompatible texture error.

Nothing happens. The missing materials are still there.

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Could you explain how I would go about changing that? I don’t remember how :S

Notepad, find the textures vmt and make the necessary changes.

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I am using:

I have used these before with no issues whatsoever. Do I really need to edit them? I don’t think this is the issue.

I guess these textures are meant for models and not for brushes, try to change your vmt texture shader to “LightmappedGeneric” and see if it works.

-fuck im late, sorry-

Where does the vmt file exist for these textures? I’ll go ahead and try but I’m not totally convinced that’s the problem.

It’ll be in the same location as the vtf. check /materials/phoenix_storms/* etc

You did? I very highly doubt this. These are model textures, which use a different texture shader than brushes. So if you used these textures for a model, yes this problem would not replicate. If you used them as a brush and it worked; you’re either lying, never payed much attention to it, or used a modified vmt.

And yeah, the video is concrete evidence this is the wrong shader. This is exactly the problem that occurs when this happens.

If it func_detail or something. Turn FX color to white.

… it’ll still flicker.


Fixed the issue. It was the wrong texture, plus some unnecessary area portals and visclusters nearby. If anyone reading this in the future has any questions please don’t hesitate to PM me and I’ll try and help.
Thank you guys a bunch!