Brushes to Models in CS:GO SDK

Hey Guys,
I know there are some Tools around which are used to generate Models out of Brushes… But somehow I don’t get them running properly on CS:GO SDK.

I already used Propper, which is crashing on the compiling process and I tried the VMF to SMD Generator which is maybe working but I can’t get my model into the game WITH textures.
It’s just black and thats pretty annoying because I don’t want to hit my brush limit soon.

Thanks for any help!

Setting up Propper post-steampipe

Thanks mate.

I’ll take a look after work. Would save my life!

Another question. When I’m planning to publish the game per vpk and workshop, where should I store my models and textures?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I prefer BspZipGui, but there’s a few

Thanks man,
so I have to put all my models/textures in for example


and add my_map/ per BSPZIP to my BSP file?