Brushwork doesnt show up correctly

I brushed the Logo of a discounter because im not good at dreating textures but when i compile the map it shows up like this…

Make a them func_detail, or make it a custom texture, since it’s flat

its already a func_detail…
then i have to make my own texture

this reminds me of aldi’s grocery store, back on topic make a texture bro there’s tuts for it

here you go

do you have aldi supermarkets in the usa ??. when i saw the first pic i thought must be a dutch of german mapper but its not.

I’ve never seen one.

also OP is from germany

Nah, there are Aldi supermarkets in the usa, I’ve been to one before.

I got my first fishing pole from Aldi, it was fucking amazing.

indeed its from germany but also large here in holland.we have a few off them here in my city. never knew they had some in the usa.

Those mini ice cream things are awesome at Aldi…

Wow, In the mapping section we all seem to have a short attention span.

Lidl is the other awesome place. I once bought a chocolate cake for a duke of edinborough team i was looking after. Something like 99p for the cake :slight_smile:

yeah there’s one in canton,Illinois

When i want to compile the .tga to vmf or vmt there is this error

Use VTFEdit. It doesn’t cause any problems.

My Aldi’s has a bunch of knock off products last time I went there, but it was really fucking cheap.

Like seriously they had, Mtn. Frost and fucking Chocolate crispies

Not as bad as when I went there, they had dinacell batteries looked exactly like duracell batteries

  1. Never make BSP based text. It wastes compile resources, and can adversely affect performance if done wrong.

  2. All of your brushes are inside each other, causing Z fighting (Z buffer can’t tell which face to render in front of another face) so they fail. You could also have some invalid brushes in there, some of those quads look funky.

Tell you what, if you post the picture of that thing, I’ll turn it into a vtf for you when I get home.

Then download this:

And add Bangramen on steam and I’ll tell you how to use it.

I could also make the texture for you, ALDI is awesome.

I did it and it looks 10 times etter then my shitty brushwork^^

but now an error epears when it finished compiling “engine hunk overflor”
I delete the new light and set all lightmaps to 8 but nothing changed