Brutal attack in the wasteland

** Original**


The blood is a bit too light, otherwise damn good editing.

Agreed, changed OP with darker blood.

The isolating is shit, but otherwise pretty decent.

The isolating has gone downhill sadly.

The pose doesn’t make much sense… it’s like he has swung the bat in reverse.

He’s taken a big swing.

looks alright.

In the wrong direction. When you swing a baseball bat, assuming you are right-handed, you swing from your right shoulder across to your left. If you are left handed, you swing from your left to your right. This guy has swung from his right to his left, but in a left-handed stance. It’s quite unnatural and weak.

Maybe he hit him with the end of the bat?

You mean like with the handle? Motion blur isn’t going in the right direction for that.


Just as a tip OP, you need to erase part of the motion-blurred layer near the elbow with around about 50% opacity so that the transition between blurred and solid character isn’t too sudden.

Well im not really an expert on editing… :shobon:

Thanks, i knew something was wrong with that.