Brutal Legend model

anyone able to just get Eddie Riggs’ model from Brutal Legend? i dont even care about any of the others right now

support, but for the animals. and also eddies girlfriend both normal and drowning doom form.

Theres ability to get raw models from that game but not rigs. And I’m not sure about textures tho.

ok, i managed to get Eddie’s model myself, does anyone know how to get textures, i got some of them, but his Hair and Vest textures are colored wrong? his hair is blue and his vest is solid grey

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all i’m missing is his Hair and Vest textures, just need to be right color

If I remember correctly, the game engine Brutal Legend runs on makes use of layer blending and tinting for pretty much everything. Chances are, the textures you currently have for the hair and vest might actually be what they look like without the game engine doing anything to alter their appearance.

Since the game engine seems to do the work for texture colors, I’d suggest that you try throwing the textures for the hair and vest into something like Photoshop or GIMP and editing them manually until you get the desired appearance.

Im after a bunch of props for a hammer project, is there a reliable way to extract these or should i give up? i pretty much just want a few of the landmarks/ plants and the Rockcrusher with the crushing wheel separate for spinning.

i actually ripped models from the game using 3D Ripper DX, i was surprised because that usually never works on newer games like that

so is anyone working on this?

i ripped Eddie and Ophelia, but some of Eddie’s textures i can’t back to normal colors, they’re weird colors

Mr gameboy ported that model to xnalara a long time ago. You should just track the model down on deviantart.

Nah, it was only W.I.P. I can rig Eddie anytime, I only need all the textures=)

I’m surprised people are wanting to have Eddie and I didn’t see anyone asking for Ozzy in this thread.