Brute forcing code locks Hack?

So, i think there is a hack that some players use to try every possible combination in your door in a few seconds.

I have seen 2 times in a not official server (Modded).

My question are: Is this really possible through a macro or something or its some exploit in game? Does VAC will ban them? How to avoid getting raided by this hack? Does the developers are ware of this problem?

THx, and sorry for my bad english.

It’s entirely possible as far as I know, I don’t think there’s anything built into rust to stop you trying a million codes in a second except maybe crashing your game? (As the window closes each time you get the code wrong) so a macro maybe not but a hack most likely.

How easy that is for EAC to detect I don’t know but we don’t hear much about people complaining it happened to them so I’m going to assume it either can’t be done or is detected very very easily. The chances of it happening to you are pretty slim, use a smart code and you should be ok tbh.

Or maybe you should just stop using 9999 for all your code locks?

There is something built in the game to prevent exploit that try a million code per second. Actually you lose 1hp for every wrong code entry. So these macro dont work anymore, the cheater can only try 99 codes max before he need to heal up.

It should be pretty easy to make your own one if you have a program that can manipulate your cursor, it might only be slightly faster then doing it manually though since there is a cooldown between tries and you will have to stock up on syringes which will limit the speed.

I don’t use macros myself but you would be surprised at how many clans use the same code on all their doors, if you have 4 people you can split 10 000 possible combinations into 2500 if each person tackles a separate take roughly 4-6 seconds per try so that’s 10-15 tries a minute or 600-900 an hour.Most of the time you won’t even have to go half of the combination to get the code and we usually get it between 10-30min most of the the time.

i had same code on all doors, but since u wrote it i think i will use different codes now.
And i need to go with my clan to try guess someones code the way u said :slight_smile:

Or make video when you say the code to the friends and then post it on youtube :slight_smile:

…happened. :smiley:

my friend set a codelock on doors and i wanted to unlock it for the first time on this door. i almost did it, but then i realised that i am streaming.

and don’t go for 1337 7410 8520 9630 year or even worse your own birthday (dd/mm)
had some guys on the server when I was playing rust that said there’s a hacker on the server breaking into their house, I asked them if the code was 1337 and that was it

as mez said, there are certain common codes that are likely to be used by the player base. there have previously been scripts for rapidly trying each code, and suggestions there are scripts that work around the code entirely; i’ve yet to experience any, and you lose health for each failed attempt which makes it a little harder.

personally, i would just have a lockout period. that would render most scripts useless, and honestly makes sense. most automated locks have a lockout period, not a mild zap any time you get the code wrong.

but to answer your question; i have no idea if EAC detects such scripts. i’m under the impression that is blocks most services that can run like that, and would suggest most of the time the code has been determined/guessed, rather than the lock being hacked.

There was a lockout effect before they added the “zap” counter.

This is very true, and a bad security design. Even without hacks.
To those that were using the same code everywhere just because it’s easier to memorize, you can use simple methodes to make it easier.

  1. Define a “base code” that you will use for external doors (“first line”).
  2. From this, derive a code that you will use for other doors (like, +10 to the number for example).
  3. From this, derive a code that you will use for storages (like, change a single digit in the number for example).
  4. Define a custom code for THE large storage where you put the most rare/valuable objets (rare blueprints, high quality full stacks, high-tier weapons etc).

This is especially better in groups and still easy to enforce.
Ideally you would choose another base number for each building, but well, I now lazyness wins generally. :slight_smile:

Anyways, my 2 cents, hope that helps!

Ouch, would have been bad indeed.
Unless you planned this in advance with a friend, and “publicly unlock” a house in which, just after you quit the house (therefore making it “outside” streaming) your friend put lots of trap in the house to troll the ones who would come raiding just after… Devilish idea, but sounds fun. No? ^^

My codes weren’t bads or obvious. For some reason the hacks always opened the same door (i had 3 exit doors). And i have the feeling they weren’t able to open the doors inside the house, and it were the same code in all doors!!! So they opened 1 door at the floor level and stoled everything but they had to raid (break walls and build stairs to get to the second floor, what makes no sense since the codes were all the same.

So i think its some kind of exploit or macro that is somehow limited about the kind of the door or the position of it, i have no idea…

I just wanted to know if you guys have listen something about that. Because if its a exploit sometimes u can do something to prevent.


Well I think they just got in and repaired it. Some people do stuff like this. You better delete the permissions from your tool cupboard. You never know…

There was a bug not too long ago not sure it’s been fixed where some doors were openable by some players without ever having input a code. Some kind of mix up in the code.