BS Admin abuse @ " - AUSTRALIA |New 07/03|Noob friendly -" Caught on Video

How does this prove anything at all exactly?

This just looks like a recording of you hacking?

Someone is jelly they got killed

This proves nothing mate.You are just mad you died.Get over it,its a game.

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Hi guys,

As the co-owner and an admin of, I can confirm that I was not in any way or form involved in that action (check out my steam profile, for alternative names, I also can confirm that I was the only admin on at that stage. It is unfortunate that BearEdition or his group did not contact me or ask around on the server who the admins were, on the server at that stage.

I have combed through the video and could not find any clear evidence of hacking nor admin abuse. What it looks like (this is my theory) is that the guys attacking had placed sleepings bag out, and was respawning close by - as any normal raid would go.

So I am sorry that you got attacked and raided, but I feel its unfair that you accuse me of admin abuse. If you took the time to contact me on the server TS3 (which is advertised on the server) you would have found that I am quite a reasonable person and would have given attention to you ASAP.

gl & hf


Why do people keep making admin abuse threads? What do you want us to do about it? Nobody on these forms can take away someone’s server nor can we ban people from the game. If you just want to let us know of bad players, put them in that hacker mega thread or start a bad admin mega thread.

they paid for the server, if u dont like, f$%k off to another one