BS:S Alpha spawnlist ?

Can someone make a spawn list for BS:S ?

What the hell is BS:S?

Type out the mod’s full name please.

Bull Shit : Source isn’t slated to release for a few years. Give it some time.

Black Mesa : Source.
Gooooooooooooooooooogle can be your friend, not your enemy.

In other news:
“BS:S” will be released ‘when it’s ready.’

How do you get BS:S from Black Mesa: Source.
Shouldn’t it be BM:S…

It was a typo and I mean the alpha that was leaked …

So you want a spawnlist for BM:S models that you haven’t provided a link to?

I’m sorry It just one of those days … Heres the link

Its a big file.

Black meSa: Soruce?
Oh frag it, it was a typo, come on man.

It was a pretty big and misleading typo, since there is a Blue Shift : Source mod as well.

Bull Shit: Source was the first thing that came to my mind too. I hate it when my ideas aren’t original.

That being said, WAIT FOR BM:S TO COME OUT you freaking lazy bums!

The leaked alpha is out and I just want a spawnlist for it.