Well this is a map I’m making bams server, well a construct map and the name is not final so suggest some names for it and last but not least the pictures.

abit blocky but i like it maybe add a 3d skybox? :slight_smile:

Yeah, i’ll add a 3D skybox after i’ve finished most of the map at the moment I’m making a sort of mini hotel thing but theres going to be a room at the back somewhere on the bottom floor with ladders/stairs going down into some tunnels that have more building areas under the grass building area.

Why the stupid looking dock?

Shall i remove?, i just wanted something different.

-Another construct map :sigh:

Well I’m making it to get used to mapping again, but as soon as i’ve finished i’ll do some other types of maps.


I got rid of the Eye sore of a dock, left some of the platforms but sank them under the water as a reminder what used to be there :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s another picture with removed docks and new added 2 story building.(not finished making the building yet, that’s why it looks so bland and only has a door at the moment)

I like how you’re not taking yourself too seriously, and you’re taking advice nicely. I think the castle needs to be on a displacement hill, than leds down to a ravine in the middle of the map, and on the other side of the ravine is the flat grass for building things. There could be a bridge across the ravine.

Hmmm, I might do that, Just start the map over, but copy the castle onto a hill like you said and add a secret cave in the hill up into the castle and the ravine with a draw bridge or something like that and make the house again that is over on the right on my last pic.

The secret cave was actually something I would have suggested but I didn’t think you’d want to do that much work, so I stuck with the fairly simple things.

I’m sure I could do it, I’ll start on it later on but at the moment i’m playing fifa 09 with friends(sad I know but oh well)


Ok, I’m restarting making the map, how does sew work exactly… i’m trying to make a hill, with more than one brush/displacment.

Displacement: Sewing displacements




God that took ages to do just one hill for the castle is thier an easier way than making like 3-4 brushes sewing them and stuff?

Whats the point in making a well detailed build map? As long as it’s functional it works.

Theres too many build maps. I want more original maps.

Well, if you hadn’t noticed, its not for you, its for Bam’s server.
Which I’m sure is not yours.


ok please guys, no more construct/flatgrass remakes.

weve been asking the same thing for years.

you think one more is gonna help?

well every little bit helps.


lol what you just said matches your avatar.

It’s not exactly a remake is it… whats so similar about my map and flatgrass apart from the grass… and whats the same about my map and construct… nothing really, if it was a remake it’d be exactly the same.