BSAA, form up.

Sorry to make a thread for this, but I was generally proud with how it turned out, and I wanted some Constructive Criticism so I’d know where to go from here.

Thankyou to Bloo for being a legend.

The two different color tones from his vest to his shirt throw me off. His colors also are completely different from his buddies, which is odd. Guy on the right is facing to the side too much, and he’s hunching over a little bit too much, it just looks uncomfortable to me, just an opinion. The guy on the left is facing one way, but because of the angle, it makes his gun look odd and the angle it’s at. I dunno, maybe it’s just the way he’s looking that messes it up, again, just an opinion. The lighting on them is great (minus that one guy) and the crouched guy is nicely posed.

Keep it at, I like where you’re going.

Thanks for your input. You’re pretty much right about everything, except just to point out, the reason one guy is red is because it was an alternate light source on the map, so I gave it the tinge of red. But yeah, I’ll work on it.

Color schemes like this naturally draw attention to the odd color, that’s just how the human brain works. It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose here, so keep that in mind, jimmys.

He looks like he’s sneaking or beginning to crouch. It looks fine to me.

Agreed. In most cases keeping firearms as horizontal as possible ends up looking better then pointing almost at the camera.

I like how you made HUNK look like a BSAA specop, looks cool and fits in fairly well considering his uniform is just black.

Posing looks great imo, editing is good.

You want to know where you can go from here?

You can actually make a picture with something happening. Four guys standing around in a generic, “form up” is so goddamn unimaginatively cliché. What else should I be looking for in this picture? The editing? Nothing spectacular either. Nothing I haven’t seen a dozen times already as it seems to have been some sort of editing trend going on in this section where all the pictures are looking some what similar in editing.

The biggest similarity of them all? They all do this: Some guy(s) standing around doing nothing. Bore me to death some more please.

Look at the models at hand and come up with something unique. There’s a reason why threads these days have an average of MAYBE 5 replies and then dead.

That’s actually a really good point. I’m working from here to some bigger action poses, but I’m going to work on editing first, you know, blurring and such. But thanks, you’re straight up correct.