BSAA Jill Valentine model - Need a bit of help

So I’m having a little bit of a problem, I recently exported the Jill Valentine model from Resident Evil 5, after I cleaned it up everything seemed fine, the only problem was that the face came in two parts. I didn’t think it’d be too much of a problem so I combined the mesh and welded all the verts together, regardless; there is still this giant cut that’s visible going through the middle of the face.
I was just wondering if anyone had a similar problem and if they had fixed it or not.

I’ll attach a picture for you to see.

If I can get this face problem fixed, I’ll then attempt to rig it, however, I haven’t actually rigged something before, but it’s not like I haven’t messed around with it in the past, just never completed a rig before. If that turns out well, I’ll try to compile her into Gmod and release her on

Thanks in advance.

Yes I have the same problem as for fixing it, its in the verts I don’t know how to do it all in max only maya its really just a case of adding all the verts together one by one, blame the ripper that’s why it buggers up badly mesh wise.

Ah, I see. I’ll continue to mess around with the face then, if I fix it, I’ll let you know.


Oh wow, I’m deleting a lot of edges and re-cutting the faces, so far it seems to be working, just look at how the nose looks now.

BSAA Jill in GMod? Sweet.

It would be really cool, but it seems that I spoke too soon and the whole cleaning up I was doing was just causing other problems… so yeah. But I’m going to keep at it.

why not just select all the verts and weld them?

Because I tried that and it didn’t work, it actually made the face worse.

My model actually has the verts welded, but as you can see, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m pretty sure it most likely has something to do with the topology of the model, it seems very asymmetrical.

I’ll direct your attention to this

I believe I used this to get her model out with the original rig, so you don’t have to rig it yourself if you don’t want.

Wow Fedge, that seems like a great tool, and once it loaded up the model and I seen no sign of that line going through the middle of her face I was really relieved. I exported it and to my surprise the face still came in two parts.

But I checked again and I noticed an SMD export… so I’m going to try that and see how that goes.

Also I did notice one thing though, the proportions are more accurate, I kept thinking the Jill model I had was a bit wide, like stretched horizontally, and after some comparisons, it looks like I was right.

I compiled it and had a look in HLMV and I got this.

Doesn’t look so bad, then I tried some faceposing.

Now that zigzag down the middle of her face stands out a bit more. Kinda bizarre really.

ok so I clicked the left face, went to verts, clicked attach and attached it to the right face

then I selected all the verts of the face and clicked weld

this is what I got…
my guess is cuase you have it rigged? if you dont maybe its the face posing not sure, but the method worked for me

Sorry I haven’t replied in awhile but I believe I’m currently experiencing the longest import in history, ahem, yeah I got this Maya SMD importer and decided to test it out… it’s been importing for like 2 hours now. It like recreates everything from scratch and you kind of just watch it create the model, didn’t expect it to take this long though.

Nope, it had the zigzag before the rigging, did your face have a visible cut before you welded it together?

yes, it had the zigzag aswell but I welded it
and I was saying your rigging might be preventing you from welding it right, not that it was caused because of rigging

Ahh, I see. No I actually didn’t have it rigged before I welded them together but I do see why you had a better result. I was using Maya and then just decided to try it in 3DS Max, and it worked, they’re welding together and the line is disappearing as I weld each one.

Complete face posing and eye posing…

…Oh yeah.

Bodygroup hat anyone? (To remove the hat to have her hatless)

Hate to ask but, are you gonna release it once you’re done?

I do plan on it, it’s my first time rigging/porting/compiling anything though, so uh, it might take some time. But I don’t like to throw things together sloppily, I like to take my time and make it as high quality as possible. I’m planing on face posing and all of that. So far I believe all I have left to rig is her torso, her hands, and her face. Then I shall get on to the compiling.

If everything turns out okay, I also plan on releasing a hat-less version also.

Originally I was going to make her a NPC and Player model, but unfortunately her arms aren’t long enough to fit onto Alyx’s skeleton, but who knows, I might still do that sometime in the future, but she’d have longer arms.

Hat-less = Anal Sex so yes please!!! XD
I just want a new Jill model. I’m so tired of the old S.T.A.R.S. one. Maybe if they gave her that ALT. costume in RE5 I wouldn’t be so annoyed of it.

looks soo HD :smiley: