[BSFGM] Better Shaders For Garrys mod (Working Title)

V1.1 Released! ~ Now with Depth of Field! Download now! Remember to set your brightness afterwords!

BSFGM is a visual modification (Based on EnbSeries) to Garry’s mod aimed to give the user a more immersive and profound experience.

I plan to add a whole list of features to BSFGM but as of now I do not have the list.

What I am in need of is suggestions and feed-back on how this runs on your setup.

Optimizations along with some bug fixes coming soon!

New Features And Fixes

-Depth of Field
-Better Lighting

Take in mind that you cant see all of the details unless you try the mod yourself.




How To Install


**Extract contents of the Rar file to the root of Garry’s mod Ex: C:\Steam\steamapps\yoursteamid\garrysmod **

Start the game and enjoy!

It’s activated by default but you can toggle it by pressing Shift+F12

Sounds pretty cool, downloading.

ENB works for the source engine? YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

I don’t know if it works since I can’t turn it off and on.

Works fine for me.

Just looks like boosted contrast and light variation

I’m not 100% sure but I believe ENB series triggers VAC in source games…

Among other things. But yes. As i stated before, This is in early-beta.

               I plan to add a whole list of things along with fixing what it already has.

I’ve looked online and never found anyone that was VAC banned for using EnbSeries and here’s a mod that uses it: CSS RC HD Effects

Ehh tbh it just looks like it only gets darker.

As I said this is an early beta it will have much more features when I release the next build in a few days.

Will there be an SVN for this so it is easier to update later?

pretty much constant 9 FPS on ATI Radeon HD 5450

Making a SVN repository for such a small and easy to install mod wasn’t exactly in the plans, though if more people show an interest in having an SVN for this mod, I would be more than happy to make one.

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It sounds like the d3d9.dll isn’t being injected properly, It would be great if you could try BFSGM again when the update is released later today and tell me if it works for you or not.

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Thanks for your feedback! What kind of FPS do you get without the mod?

So far the mod only seems to make everything more bleak, but I’ll be waiting for future updates.

Grimdark so real.

It does, I fixed that in V1.1 though. I’m glad that you will be, The more people who like this the more progress I’ll make.

Haha yeah, Maybe i shouldn’t have released the mod so soon in such an early phase but i wanted to in hopes of giving you guys something else to look forward to.

You certainly got me looking forward to it :slight_smile: Unfortunately I’m on a laptop with integrated graphics, but from what I can tell ENBSeries has a lot of potential uses and it’d be great if something similar came for GMod. I’d like some confirmation on that this doesn’t trigger VAC, however. From what I understand, VAC only looks for specific hacks that have been reported (and investigated?) so it doesn’t sound likely that something like this would trigger it, but I’m not an expert and I don’t know what the policy towards mods like these are.

Could be nice for ragdoll posings.

me gusta. I like where this is going.

is this using the Deus Ex version of ENB or GTA 4?

I might add a shader or 2 I picked up a nack for them when Skyrim came out looking like a dreary gray mass

Are you taking request for making complete and very advanced custom shaders? As Carter Addon Pack (http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1162629) would be really interested in that.