BSOD after I close hammer.

Recently, every time I close Left 4 Dead, developer tools (hammer)

My comp just BSOD, this is the second times it’s happened, and I’m afraid to touch hammer, right now.

What could be the problem?

I’m sorry but you can never close hammer. It has cursed your soul into working forever, until you create good maps.

On a more serious note: What are your system specs?

ATI 4350
4 GB ram
2.4 dual core
500 GB HDD

I’m thinking it might be the G-card causing the problems, since it started doing this after I upgraded from a 7200

Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers?

The power supply may be an issue as well, if that’s all running on a 400-500 watt PSU, it may be spiking and causing your system to conk out.