BSOD After This Random Update

So, I’ve been on rust mostly all day, and after this recent update out of no where (around 1900 EST) I can’t play rust.

In game, I can’t place down items.

When people die, and I help them up, they stay “downed” and I don’t see them moving around.

When I throw C4 onto a wall, it goes through the wall, and does no damage (on my screen) to the wall.

When the server turns night, it doesn’t reset back to day, it stays night.

Then when I try to restart the game, it BLUE SCREENS and crashes my computer.

Hey, I’ve been on rust all day too, no problemo, then the update came out, and I can launch the game without any problems (didn’t get into game, just the menu) but when I quit I’ve BSOD.

"crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\memory.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: easyanticheat.sys (EasyAntiCheat+0xAA4A)
Bugcheck code: 0x7F (0x8, 0xFFFFF80258448E70, 0xFFFFD00021487FB0, 0xFFFFF80256C6E658)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\easyanticheat.sys

Same issue with the Error: UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP with the dump files, Computer BSOD every time I close the game, What drivers are you running. I have AMD 15.7 on my r9 390x

Nvidia 358.50 gtx960 D:

We’ve reverted the latest anti-cheat update now, it looks like something has gone terribly wrong. Sorry about that :confused:

Which Windows version are you using? Also is it 32bit/64bit?

Could you please upload the latest file in C:\Windows\Minidump\ to somewhere, e.g. And if C:\Windows\memory.dmp exists and is not too big to upload.

Same issue. Never had it before

I’m running windows 7 ultimate 64bit

@Ec0, Very comprehensive upload, thanks heaps!

Btw. are you able to run the game now still?

Hey, I’m running Win10 pro. 64x

And my game is working right now, I guess, didn’t get into any servers, but I don’t BSOD on every quit :downs:

@Exode, Big thanks!

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@Exode, thank you very much!

The crash seems to be occurring when Razer Cortex is loaded.

We’re unable to reproduce it on our systems, but we found an issue that could have caused it. We pushed a new update now, please let us know if you’d still get the crash.

I don’t use Raze Cortex but Razer Synapse, it may be this D:

<3 EAC. Service.

nice… I had done a little debugging last night and got too tired but I noticed I could usually quit out if I got rid of razer processes first. (I tried getting rid of a lot of others first with not much luck. I’d sometimes get lucky by ending task on the steam bootstrapper as well)

anyway, hopefully you guys got it fixed. I reinstalled the game while I slept so we’ll see if that had any effect. It works fine turning the game on and off for now but I need to do some prolonged testing before quitting out to confirm.

No problem, anytime! :slight_smile:

As of right now, it seems to be OK. I’m able to quit normal without a BSOD. (I’ve been ending the task manually to quit since the BSOD started)

But I just quit normal, and it seems to be working. I will keep you updated if the situation changes.

One thing I do notice happening in game also, which I’m not sure is related to the error, is sometimes I’m not able to throw C4 like I stated earlier, and when someone else does, it goes into the wall and I don’t see any damage occur…

Usually a re-log fixes it.

Thanks for your help everyone! :smile:

We located and fixed the crash for good now. It was happening due to a bug in Razer’s driver, causing a snowball effect to reveal another bug in the EAC driver as well. Crazy!

About the C4 issue, it’s related to something else, unfortunately I don’t really have a good guess to that. Sounds like it could be lag/desync possibly?