BSOD During Play

A few minutes ago my younger brother was playing on a server with only a few other people. There was apparently massive lag across the server as reported by the other players, during which there were lag-based teleporting and slow response time for crafting initiation. He apparently tried to place a camp fire and my laptop experienced a BSOD. After restarting and checking back with the other players, they reported that no one else had experience a BSOD. The only other notable thing that happened was that I had started copying some video files to an external device.

Windows 7 x64
Intel i7-3610QM

Just informing people of this event and checking to see if there is something definite causing it and to see if other people are experiencing the same thing. If I can provide any more information, please ask.

Do you have the “stop code”??

It should look something like this " STOP error 0xC0000221 "

No, not at the moment, but if you know how I can find it I will gladly retrieve it.

Normally it should show on the Blue screen… But alot of the time its too damn quick…

The alternative, is to find a program the will open the Memory.dmp file that the memory dump leaves somewhere in the windows file ( on my phone, and cant remember off the top of my head ) or, when you restart your system, it will pop-up with a notification, something along the lines of “Windows has recovered from an un-expected shutdown Blah blah blah…” when that happens, hit the “details” option, and it should be in there…

Assuming it happens again… alot of the time, these things are just driver or software conflicts, sometimes its just a windows registry hiccup… and sometimes its a major hardware issue…

Most of the time the restart fixes it anyway, and it probably wont happen again :wink:

This might be useful

Just change the setting in your bios so when it happens next time the error won’t disapear then write down the code and look it up.

Thanks Pepsi, always did like you better than Coke.