BSOD When rust is open.

I experienced a weird computer crash, that’s happened twice now while rust has been launched. The first time, was while I was in-game, the frame rate dropped drastically and then a few seconds later it crashed.

This time I was just on the menu trying to connect to servers (because the FP auth failure problem), and it happened again.

My computer effectively shuts down, but speeds what sounds like my CPU fan up, and wont stop unless I manually switch my computer off. Windows “solution” suggests that it is a Bluescreen, except thats not what I saw at all.

The only reason I am posting this here is because this has only happened with rust is open, I haven’t seen this before, but maybe its just a coincidence! I have my sysdata.xml file and mini dump file, if anyone would like to help me resolve this, please could you suggest a suitable file host for me to upload them too? (I have no idea if you have certain requirements for links to files).

BBCODE 116 is a Video TDR timeout, meaning your video card drivers were unable to restart after it had failed.

This could be a few things, but I’d start with your video card. What are your temperatures like while gaming? and do you overclock at all?

Temps are usually always fine, I’ve never had an issue with overheating in any game. I have a GeForce GTX 660. I’ve had video card driver crashes before and I remember them restarting just fine without my computer crashing, but obviously I’m assuming thats tied to whatever drivers I have installed.

There was recently a driver update for my card, I’m going to try installing those.

Like I said, this is the only game It’s happened with so far, and for the 3rd time now, only with the game open.

And I dont overclock :slight_smile:

Yea, usually the drivers will restart, but this is the bluescreen you get when they don’t. I’d try the latest Nvidia beta drivers to see how they do.

I used to get this error, but for me it was a failing power supply rail. The problem is, the error is so generic that your issue could be something completely different.

Do you play with Vsync enabled? If not, try and enable it to see if it will still crash with a capped FPS.
Do you have any overlay or temperature monitoring programs like Everest or MSI Afterburner? Try and close those.

Aside from that, 116 errors are a pain and it might take quite a bit to narrow it down. In the meantime, you could try attaching your minidump to the post, or using a program like BluescreenView to see which dll is triggering the BSOD.

Hmm okay, I mean, I’ve played a good amount of rust without this happening, but once a day or two ago, and two today without even entering a game. Maybe it’s a setting I have in the game which then clashes with something else that happens?

I have no overlay programs, but I’ll turn V-Sync on and see what happens.


Well, it appears there is no V-Sync option in the options, unless it’s in a config file somewhere.

Last time I heard about something similar it ended up being conflicting drivers.

Right-click your desktop and go to Nvidia Control Panel. Then, under Manage 3d Settings, add rust.exe (Steam\steamapps\common\rust) and then force Vsync by changing the last option at the bottom.

Also, do you hear a high pitched squeal coming from your video card at all when starting up Rust?

When reinstalling drivers, don’t bother with the audio or stereo vision drivers, unless you use HDMI or 3d glasses.

Try downloading a free program called BluescreenView and checking your dmp. It will tell you (if it can) which dll caused the crash.

Added rust to force v-sync.

No noise from my video card when starting the game, its either my video card fan which seems more likely? or my CPU fan that speeds up quite drastically once the crash has happened.

Updated to the latestst:
My drivers were up to date anyway.

Heres what I got from that program:


Updated my server and client to dev branch, still getting the authfailure issues like everyone else atm, sitting on menu, waiting to see if my pc crashes again.


It literally crashed about 5 seconds after my first edit. It seems to happen around the equal time of just sitting on the menu screen each time it crashes. I’m unable to join servers right now to see if it happens while in a game. The same method of crashing happened but this time windows didn’t recognize it as a crash, so no .dmp file.

You might have restarted before the dmp was finished, but I think it’s safe to say it would have been the same as the others.

At this point, it’s hard to say what it is. The error isn’t specific enough, which is a pain.

If I were you, the first thing I’d do is go through a list of running processes and close any which aren’t necessary to check for conflicts.

This may not help, but try adding -force-d3d11 to the steam launch options to see if it crashes using dx11 api.

Just right-click Rust in your Steam library -> Properties -> Set Launch Options under General.

With that being said, I’m at a loss :frowning:

Added -force-d3d11 to rusts launch options, still no luck, pc crashed again.

Ended various processes, all are normally there and have always been running from the start anyways.

Thanks for your help neo, sadly, still have the same issue though.


Joined server, still same issue, FPS drops right before the crash.