BSP Content Seperation

Hello everyone. I’m a dev on a server and I need to seperate the content (models/materials/sounds/fonts/etc) from the .bsp file. I’ve tried to use Pakrat to do it, but extracting with Pakrat doesn’t create valid file paths. I was wondering if anyone knew a faster way, more convenient way to do it. From past experiences I have discovered that separating addons and then sending to them to the client works, when sending the entire addon does not. (By the way, I’m not using FastDL for the server, im using resource.AddWorkshop(“id”) to have the client download the workshop addons.) Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just as a note, I have tried using Pakrat and PackBSP to decompile the .bsp file. As a quick note, I am NOT claiming the content as my own. I’m simply shrinking the content to a size that is downloadable by the server’s players.

You can find the map here. Any help would be appreciated!

bspsource then do the export embedded files?

What you’re looking for is the pakfile lump editor.