I have finished my map! What now?
One map is more than one file!
It is:
1x .bsp
1x .log
1x .prt
1x .vmf

Please help me uploading to :stuck_out_tongue:

The title is the awnser.

BSP is the compiled map (the file you should upload), log is the compile log and vmf is what you can open with hammer.

You only need the .bsp file.

The .vmf is the file you used when creating the map.

I can’t remember exactly what the .log and .prt files do but you don’t need them in the map.


Ninjad, but still what is the .prt file?


.prt I believe is the pointfile. I think it’s usually deleted after a successful compile without a leak, meaning the map probably has a leak in it, though I don’t remember for sure.

Regardless, it’s unnecessary.

Many answear, very fast :open_mouth: Thats how we like it <3
Thanks guys!

You know how to create a spawn icon? xD

No, the .prt is the portal file I do believe.

Here you go:

Thank you, LightningX151! :smiley:

When I try the map on garrysmod, it wont load longer than: “Loading recources…”

If this is your 1st time mapping, you may want to try running your levels in hl2

I’v done that. I pressed “f9” in hammer editor…
Yes this is my first time. Learned it today :smiley:

I think you can use the .prt to detect the leaks in your map.

There is an option somewhere like ‘load pointfile’ and it will clearly display all the leaks you have going on with big red lines (real useful).

I say ‘i think’ because i may be thinking of something completely different, but i am quite sure this is what it is used for.

When has “pointfile” ever had the letters P R and T in it?

.PRT is a portal file, and it is generated by VBSP for use in VVIS.


Luckily I read the thread, because I was just about to post this.

.prt is the portal file. It is basically the vis leaf file. Created when the PortalFlow function in compiler is used. .log is the file which has all of the compile logs in it. Basically, it is a backup for yourmapname.txt.

Am I the only one who thought this was gonna be an intelligent conversation about the need or lack there of, of bsp; from the title?

No. I thought he was going to ask what the differences were and what it meant, ect…

Refer to your title OP.

Amusing fact:

BSP = Binary Space Partition