I was inspired looking at the Pod-racers in the competition thread that hunter made so i decided to make my own. The engines and configuration are modeled after Ben Quadrinaro’s BT-310 and the pod i just threw together.

Atm its a WIP. still trying to get it to fly properly with the help of caboose.

ha, that is pretty good. gj :buddy:


Plz rep, caboose, like most ppl are running off my tutorial/way of making pod racers

yeah it is off your tut hunta but i didnt really understand how to wire it up so caboose is helping me.

Ah, that’s the one that exploded on start xD

Love it!

Ben Quadrinos had trouble with that kind of pod on Boonta Eve race though, so you’d better be careful :smile:

yeah the power couplings turned off and the engines flew off lol

Yay, a four engine’d one :D.