BTTF: The Game DeLorean

I know you might think this is a request.
The DeLorean has been requested numerous times and it’s kind of irritating me that nobody has even taken a shot at it. We’ve ported from Telltale games before, haven’t we?
I know nobody probably wants to try since they probably don’t have the game. So I was wondering if there’s any way you could guide me on porting the thing or at least snatching the model? I’m probably going to keep it private to those who own the game, but does anyone know how? :c

There is a deloran model already. Think it’s in the Jaanus pack or something, lemme do some searching.

Actually, it’s in Kuno’s car pack up on .

I’m actually currently in progress of getting the BTTF game DeLorean into source. Still going through textures looking for normal maps as of now.

Okay, here’s a WIP

Any chance you plan to include the flying version from Episode 2?

All bodygroups set to 1
All bodygroups set to 0

I want you inside me, Ilwrath.

So can I buy you dinner?

I’ll work on some skingroups for the date displays and I’ll probably release tomorrow/sometime next week.

Make textures in HD)
if the four - I can upload a couple

Spoilers :colbert:

Some progress. Still gotta make presets for the present time and last time departed.

Beautiful model man. The interior is especially awesome.

Some more progress

At first I was thinking of making bodygroups for all of the months, days, years from 1900 to 3000, minutes and hours but fuck that, also I’m not sure if source could even handle that many bodygroups.
So, I’ll just make few bodygroups for the displays.


Well, sadly I can’t bodygroup nor skingroup the displays, the thing has just too many materials. I’ll release soon with blank displays and include the .psd which is set up so that you can easily select wanted date and for which display it is.

Wow, looking like a great port. Can’t wait to toy with it! Thanks for doing this for everybody. o:

Being a huge BTTF fan, someone should make Doc and Marty ragdolls from the game. :smiley:
Also, instead of doing from 1900 to 3000… couldn’t you make 4 0-9 displays?

Nope, not without huge amount of reUVWmapping, which I am too lazy to do. I’ll just include a .psd which is set up so that it’s somewhat easy to make any date as a .vtf, like mentioned in the earlier post.

Also, I indeed reached the maximum amount of textures source allows on a model, 32. Managed to squeeze in a skingroup though;

Damn, need to use StickyKeys now.


Also Marty & Doc were converted into GTA VC and SA…

I thought you were talking about HL2: Ep2 for a second there…

When did this happen?