[BTW]pure pvp-no sleepers-keep loot-1/4 craft time 100% noob frendly

well were a group of real life friends that made a server that’s noob friendly and here are some reasons why you should try it.
-no sleepers which means log off and you wont wake up dead
-you get to keep your loot when you die
-no greifing so if you log out in your home and someone blocks you in just give us a shout and we will be there to get you out :slight_smile:
-1/4 crafting time
-no admin abuse
-admin reachable at all times
-a secret base made to raid with all kinds of wonderful goodies :slight_smile:

so come to play on [BTW] have fun and no worry

name: [BTW]pure pvp-no sleepers-keep loot-1/4 craft time
Port : 28015

signed Dezzib at Between two Worlds